The Importance of Using a Deadbolt

There is no such thing as “too safe,” and there is no such thing as an inconvenience when it comes to your security. Locksmiths understand this better than anyone, as homes that don’t take the time to upgrade their security are the most prone to break-ins.
Your basic door lock is nice for a little bit of security. It’s often enough for the bathroom inside of your home, or to keep people from coming into your room while you sleep. But when it comes to protecting your home or property from outside intruders, you could benefit strongly from using a deadbolt.
The Benefits of a Deadbolt
Most homes already have a deadbolt installed, but far too often the homeowners don’t use them. Deadbolts have a variety of benefits over other types of locks, including, but not limited to:

  • Strength – Deadbolts are far stronger than standard door locks and much better at withstanding physical attacks.
  • Second Lock – Deadbolts often work with door bolts to add an additional step in unlocking a door. Because this makes breaking in more difficult, your home is less likely to become a target.
  • More Difficult Lock – Picking a deadbolt is far more difficult, and many deadbolts have extra security measures to make picking the locks much harder.

Opening and closing a deadbolt is also very simple, and for those with a key it is often easier to unlock than even a door lock. That means that using a deadbolt is only a minor inconvenience, if they are an inconvenience at all.

There is no denying the value of a lock, but a door lock alone is often not enough to truly feel secure or protect against attack. Deadbolts, on the other hand, are considerably stronger, much more of a deterrent, and add a considerable amount of security. If you have one already installed in your door, you should use it every time you’re in the house. If you don’t, locksmiths can install these deadbolts in little time.


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